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Changed Perceptions

BJ and I had sent our son a text wishing him a Happy Birthday! We received texts back saying that the years since he had been born had surely gone fast! We replied to him and said, “Just wait! It starts going even faster!”

In the last few days, I have been reading Anne Lamott’s book, “Stitches” and Barbara Brown Taylor’s new Book, “Learning to Walk In The Dark.” The beginning of both of these books have caused me to reflect on childhood perceptions.

“Come on inside now, it’s getting dark.” We went inside and the front and back doors were locked. We would have been playing outside all day, in the Summer, BUT when it got really dark, it was time for supper and time to come in. It was never stated that it was bad to be outside when it was dark, but that is the message it sent.

Lights were turned on in the house and the porch light was turned on. At night when it was time for bed, it was “lights out” except for a night light. When we think of life, we think of the “sunny side”. . . . things are going our way, you have landed the job you want, kids are healthy and doing well. There is a feeling of fullness, of love and beauty, magic and laughter.

Then the phone rings, the news comes on the TV or computer, and there is the “dark side” raising its ugly head. There are problems, bad health, disasters, the evening news appears to be able to report nothing but problems. You feel like a polar bear floating out to sea on a piece of ice! WHAT do we hang on to? What keeps us balanced?

You know. . . . We celebrated it yesterday. We saw it in the faces that came to sing, and to listen to the wonderful music. We gave praise, we prayed and gave thanks for the miraculous gift that God gave through Jesus to the world. Jesus gave the ultimate gift of Hope, Love, and Eternal Life! Easter People are people who know Christ and stand on the promises of Christ not just one day a year, but forever!

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Thanks be to God!

In God’s Love,

Pastor Judy

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