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Secure Your Ladder

The time is nearing to sign-up and be part of “Community Rehab.” Unfortunately, for some of us, it is the same week as our United Methodist Conference in Mansfield, Texas, this year! I plan, however, to sign-up and work the last two days of the week. There are many jobs offered to people of ALL skill and ability levels! I learned last year that even the third rung of the ladder is at times too high for your uncoordinated pastor! I read a devotional recently that reminded me of that very fact.

Have you ever attended a state fair and been mesmerized by all of the games, contests, neon lights, delicious smells of all kinds of wonderful items being cooked AND of the barkers challenging those that walk by to attempt the contest in their booth?

One barker enticed a group to try the “Pirate’s Ladder.” The ladder was stretched over airbags and relatively short. ALL one had to do was merely climb the 12 foot ladder, ring the buzzer to win. Simple enough. . . . Right? The first person got on the ladder and immediately flipped over! This time they made it to the third ring and then flipped! The barker asked if they wanted him to hold the ladder and their friends answered for them, “YES!” ALL the way to the top. . . . and the Buzzer was rung!

Lessons to be learned: 1) When someone holds the ladder, we can get further! 2) Balance is not in your head . . . it is in your guts. No matter how well you plan your strategy, you have to have the guts to get on the ladder and try.

Paul reminds each of us in the Book of Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” Paul was reminding each of us that God will hold the ladder for us as we make our way toward the goal.

Jesus showed us how to walk the journey of the ladder. He showed how he walked it on his knees as he became a servant and washed his disciples’ feet; how he tearfully was on his knees in the Garden of Gethsemane asking God if there was an easier path on this journey for him to take; how he bravely carried his cross and then died on it for our forgiveness.

On our faith journey, when the ladder keeps flipping with us. . . . . may we have the “guts” to get back on and remember. . . . . NOW Jesus is holding the ladder, we just have to have the faith to keep climbing! May it be so, Lord!

In God’s Love,

Pastor Judy

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